Founder & Director

Kera was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2012, after many years of unexplained pain, fatigue, and other symptoms. While initially relieved to have an explanation, she was surprised to find virtually no support for people with the condition.

After having to quit her job due to her FM, and looking down the barrel of an intense study programme to become a doctor, she realised that if the support wasn’t there, she would have to create it herself.

She started FMNZ as a small website in 2014, with a goal to providing evidence-based advice and support, with a vision to one day offering a full range of support services.

Kera says that “Fibromyalgia is never easy, but I truly believe that with the right support, it is something that doesn’t have to hold us back from living a healthy and fulfilled life”. While she manages her condition with lifestyle alone, she supports others to find treatment programmes that work for their individual needs.